Our Story

KooolStuff.com is an open market for Koool items that make life better!

As a group of passionate technologists, our team became perplexed by the tremendous gap in innovative Koool items. KooolStuff.com was created to fill that void. We wanted items that make life better, fun to have and provide best value of money. We want to provide items which solve problems and inspire all of us. Our belief is we can find and create koool items that solve everyday problems.  

We are a collection of passionate entrepreneurs and creators—men who believe in providing products that is not only fun, but one that stands for something that helps people in bettering their own lives.

We strive to practice what we preach here at KooolStuff.com. Pushing boundaries and pushing to be better each and every day. The way we see it, the two really go hand-in-hand. We share in our triumphs, in our own inspirations, and our personal goals as we work to achieve them.